Wednesday, 04.10.2017

Slaviša Kokeza Host to UEFA First Vice-President

Karl-Erik Nilsson, together with the head of Serbian football and Goran Bunjevčević, FA of Serbia sports director, visited Sports Centre of the FA of Serbia


UEFA first vice-president and president of the Swedish Football Association, Karl-Erik Nilsson came to Serbia to a working visit and was welcomed by the president of our FA, Slaviša Kokeza. UEFA vice-president and head of Serbian football visited Sports Centre of the FA of Serbia in Stara Pazova, where they were joined by the sports director Goran Bunjevčević and his deputy, Nemanja Filipović. Karl-Erik Nilsson had an opportunity to attend training session of our best national team, and after the tour around Sports Centre he was more than satisfied with what he had seen. Very good relations between the European House of Football and FA of Serbia were the main topic of discussion led between the FA of Serbia president Slaviša Kokeza and UEFA first vice-president, and development and improvement of the latter that also mean cooperation in realisation of important infrastructure in Serbia will only strengthen the already excellent cooperation between FA of Serbia and UEFA.