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INTERVIEW : Branislav Ivanovic

Branislav Ivanovic repeated, in an interview with the official website of the Football Association of Serbia that he was very sorry that he was not able to come to Belgrade to attend the ceremony of "Golden Ball" due to the obligations in his club. However, for consolation, however, we summarize the impressions of 2013 with the captain of "Eagles".

bane- This is the most successful year of my career I'm glad I received in this year the "Golden Ball" intended for the best Serbian football player - it is the first impression of 29 years-old player of our national team.

Is it possible for this year to be more important and significant than the previous one in which Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League?

- No, not at all. The trophy in the UEFA Champions League can not be measured with anything. However, I give the advantage to the victorious goal in the final moments of the match . He will be entered in my career and that's why I described the year 2013 with the highest marks - Said Ivanovic.

A view on Chelsea's year 2013 in the Premier League?

- In the first half of the year, we have reached the maximum. I'm very sure, for the season that is underway that it will be a much better in terms of result, although we won the European Trophy last year.

The performance in National team, impressions and feelings?

- We made a good thing for the future. We formed a team that really could last in the National team. Not to speak anymore about the fact that we do not go to Brazil. I know that it was hard to everyone, and to us, the players, the most. However, we should be the first to raise the head and look into the future. It will be beautiful, I'm sure.

Has the group of players matured enough to function as a strong group so the meeting with a new Head Coach will not constitute an aggravating circumstance ?

- To be honest, the group I'm, talking about, a group of players who wearing a shirt of the National Team last year needs to progress in every aspect. Everyone of them, including myself.. We need to continue to work hard, to learn so the expected results would begin to arrive. We need to be more coordinated, to strengthen all of the links in the team, because I am assured, that we have a tremendous quality in all of the lines and we are richer for a great experience and we worked together for a year and a half . This fact has its price in football.

Speaking about the price, was the failure in qualifying campaign to reach the FIFA World Cup supposed to be paid in order for the team to be rejuvenated?

- It is inconvenient to give a specific answer to that question The change of generations the introduction of young players is unavoidable for every team. It happens sooner or later. You may remember, that after the World Cup in Germany, there has also been a change in the national team. In this case, the experienced players have been replaced by skilled players, but the players with little experience. And it turned out that it was painful for us. However, let's continue.

First of all, the draw, then the qualifying campaign UEFA European Championship 2016 in France?

- We did not qualify in two big competitions. We can not think anymore about the failure . We need to win the points starting from the first match, to think only of the next 90 minutes . To start to compete immediately and to depend only of our own results. I would like, just as any other Serb, that we become the participants in major competitions on regular basis. Not to ask such a question, but objectively speaking, it is not easy to be achieved .

Club football in Serbia?

- The recipe is so simple: to keep the players together in the team for two or three years and everything will be different. Now, it is easy to talk about it from the side. I know , I'm aware why the clubs are forced to sell the players, the clubs live from when selling the players. It should be certainly tried to change something in that area. I am glad that it has been returned the equality, that now the "small" teams can win the "big" teams and that it is not a sensation.

The strongest football impression in 2013, and that it is not linked to Chelsea and the National team of Serbia?

- Bayern Munich. As a group, the Bavarians were really the best. without equal.

Individually? - There is everything as usual: Messi and Ronaldo! It is just phenomenal how those players play, how much they mean to their clubs.

At the end, the year 2013, from the angle of the family Ivanovic?

- Thank God, we are alive, healthy, growing and progressing day by day ... At the end, I just want to wish you all the best on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season, Merry Christmas and a lot of health and happiness to everyone in Serbia. I say to the fans, people who love football, that we will do our best, the year 2014 must be a year of football in Serbia - at the end said Branislav Ivanovic, the Team Captain of the National Team of Serbia and the best player in 2013 which is why he was awarded the "Golden Ball " for the second consecutive year.

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