Wednesday, 20.05.2015


FC "Cukaricki" won the trophy and first place in the National Cup of Serbia, as they won the match against FC "Partizan" by a score 1:0 (1:0)


On the stadium "Rajko Mitic, in front of about 10,000 spectators, in the sultry, warm and rainy weather conditions, the match was officiated by Vlado Glođović from Vrbas.

Goalscorer: Slavoljub Srnić 39th min

Yellow Cards: Brežančić, Sl. Srnić, Ostojic, Stevanovic, Matic (FC Cukaricki),

Balažic, Ninkovic, Drinčić (FC Partizan)

The winning trophy and a prize of Ten million Dinars were handed over to the captain of the winning team - Igor Matic, and it was handed over by the Vice president of the Football Association of Serbia Mr.Ivan Curkovic.

The FC "Cukaricki" has never won before in its history any of trophies and the club was founded in 1926. FC "Partizan" has won 12 National Cups so far. The club that won the most National Cup trophies is FC "Crvena zvezda", winning the National Cup 24 times.

FC "Cukaricki": Stevanovic - Stojkovic, Rendulic, Ostojic, Brežančić - Regan (from 64th min Todorovic), Dragoljub Srnić - Slavoljub Srnić (from 90th min Mandic) Matic (from 84th.min Pavlovic) Bojic - Stojiljkovic. Head Coach: Vladan Milojevic, Team Captain: Igor Matic

FC "Partizan": Ž.Zivkovic - Bandalovski, Balažic, Br. Ilic, Volkov (from 66th min Vulićević) - Drinčić, Brašanac - A. Zivkovic, Babovic, S. Ilic (from 52nd min Kojic) - Grbic (from 70th min Ninkovic). Head Coach: Zoran Milinkovic, Team Captain: Sasa Ilic

The FC "Cukaricki" deserved the Trophy, as they showed much more than the winner of the National Championship. In most of the time during the match the FC "Cukaricki" played better the midfield area, they were better organized and with more motivation.

FC "Partizan" did not show even a part of its possibilities. Its players were pressed, they made many faults in passing and they did not showed the necessary agility to win the opponent as it was tonight FC "Cukaricki".

The FC "Cukaricki" played tactically brilliant. They closed all the roads towards their goal, and they played severely against the Forward players of FC "Partizan", who were inferior in these duels.

FC "Partizan" missed a chance to win the "Double crown" for the fifth time in their history.

"This is a failure for FC "Partizan". We started well, but it lasted a little time. We had a bad circulation of the ball. In the second half, FC "Cukaricki" knew how to defend itself apart from one chance by Babovic" said Zoran Milinkovic, the Head Coach of FC "Partizan" after the match.

The Head coach of the winning team, Vladan Milojevic was very satisfied with the trophy.

"Our team was playing under a lot of pressure, as the stake was huge. We won the match against big opponent. Therefore it makes our pleasure greater. We have achieved our dream and won the first trophy in the history," said Milojevic.