The importance of basic football

Football is the number one sport in Europe, but regardless of that fact, FIFA and UEFA have identified the risks that may impede the further development of the sport of football.

It has been noted the development of new sports which are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and youth population and there are also many other forms of the entertainment that significantly affect the reduction of interest for sports in general, and afterwards to the reduction the membership in the football organizations.

Accordingly, the UEFA has launched the new program in 2004, "Grassroots Program" (Program of basic football) and the aim of the program is further strengthening of football and the realization of that program is under the jurisdiction of the Working group for Grassroots and Grassroots Panel.

The information indicates that the Grassroots Program is one of priority programs for UEFA along with the UEFA Champions League and the biggest continental tournaments and UEFA invests the significant funds in it. The program is based on a system of stars, and the membership and the admission to the Grassroots Convention indicates a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7 stars.

During the UEFA Conference for Presidents and General Secretaries, that was held in 2001 in Prague with a participation of 51 UEFA Members, it was indicated among the other things that the "representatives of the national football associations find the Grassroots Program as a carrier of educational, social and sporting development.".

It has been launched a campaign - "UEFA Summer of Grassroots" that every summer gathers a large number of participants in Europe. The mentioned event gathered 4,650,000 participants in 2008.

It has been noted a special relationship of UEFA towards those members who enjoy the maximum rating within the present Convention.


Priority points of UEFA "Grassroots" program

UEFA has established a careful analysis of the criteria for evaluating the progress of National Associations which also traced the way towards the realization of the priorities in the field of Grassroots football in Europe.

These criteria also serve to enter in those areas of football that UEFA considers as key areas.


The philosophy, structure, programs for players, programs for coaches

Programs for people with special needs (2 programs for people with disabilities + 2 social programs)

Total number of registered players (min. 2% of total population)

The participation of girls and women (min 3% of the total registered players)

Promotional activities and progress (at least 4 promotional activities + 0.1% increase of the number of unregistered players who participated in promotional activities)

The fulfillment of each of these mentioned criteria UEFA awards 1 star to National Associations.

After the evaluation of UEFA, it has been assessed that the Football Association of Serbia fulfills the criteria for the one-star membership.