My school - My club

Being inspired by the idea that a lot of children and youth population play football, the Football Association of Serbia has created a project called "My school - My club!" whose implementation is supported by UEFA, the Ministry of Education, the National Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia and the numerous media partners.

As the project title indicates, the aim of the Football Association of Serbia is to help the development of the schools sport through the establishment and free registration of a large number of school football teams for both boys and girls.

logoIn Serbia, the education is done for 600,000 children that are in primary schools and the education is done in 3,500 schools, and the target of the Football Association of Serbia is that as many schools as possible join the program "My school - my club". The school is an environment where the children spend the significant amount of time and in addition to education the school should provide the physical development, socialization and adoption of the principles of fair play, both on the pitch and out of pitch.

Therefore, the FA of Serbia will provide to schools the strong support in the future period through the program "My School - my club!" and the support will include the sports equipment and accessories. In addition, the FA of Serbia will provide the recommended programs where the activities will be carried out in accordance with the highest professional and educational standards within the chosen sport in physical education classes and outside of the section as extracurricular activities.

The main goal is to present football to children in schools and to offer the possibility of inclusion in regular activities of the Football Association of Serbia. The aim is to have the continued participation in sport and the improvement of the infrastructure - creation of conditions for further development and popularization of football and popularization of healthy life styles.

The project "My school - My club!" is being implemented on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. with a strong support of the Network for Grassroots Football of the Football Association of Serbia This program is also a part of the platform for the development of women's football, which means that the program can be accessed by all of the schools under the condition that at least 30% of girls are included in the activities of school clubs.

The Philosophy of Grassroots of the Football Association of Serbia proclaims equal opportunities for playing football for the whole population regardless of age, gender, ability level, religion and race. The Football in Serbia is opened to all citizens of Serbia and the Football Association of Serbia, shows the consistency of its philosophy, by supporting the development of school sport in the best way.