Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA / Cross Cultures) is particularly famous for its Special Humanitarian Program known as Open Fun Football Schools which uses and emphasizes the joy and the pedagogical "fun football concept" as means to encourage the peaceful co-existence, tolerance and social cohesion in the countries and communities affected by war and ethnic conflicts.

The power of the Cross Cultures and our programs is reflected in their ability to produce a relationship between people and investors.

logoThere were more than 1000 Open fun football schools organised since 1998 which brought together an extraordinary number of 200,000 girls and boys from 14 countries in the regions of Balkans, the Caucasus and Moldova, and the Middle East.

All of the activities are designed in the post-conflict areas to use the children's football as a driving means for establishing friendships and sports cooperation between people living in divided communities and to allow their children to play football regardless of their gender, talent, skills, ethnical, social, religious or political affiliation.

In order for all of these activities to be launched, the Cross Cultures has educated more than 20,000 coaches volunteers selected in the communities that are involved in the program.

The direct communication with more than 100,000 children, volunteers, parents, municipal authorities, municipal institutions' and other investors in this program has been established through this program.

The Cross Cultures also organizes the cultural activities for thousands of boys in the Balkans, the Caucasus in the Middle East.

In 2009 the Cross Cultures has also launched a project for the education about the environment protection - Things Talk - Children, climate change and Waste Art ("Things are saying - Children, climate change and Waste Art") in partnership with the Danish municipalities Ballerup and Rødovre, the museum Heerup and with Vestforbrænding, the largest waste management company in Denmark.

Things Talk has an aim to provide children of the world to be heard in the global debate on climate changes. Things Talk creates a global platform - where children can talk about their ideas, thoughts and dreams in terms of how the climate changes both locally and globally will affect world in which we live. More on internet address: